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In this space we feature an article or two from a recent issue of Word Ways, followed by a selection of articles from past issues, chosen to span a wide range of logological topics and also to cover different eras of Word Ways' existence. These are grouped by general topic.

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New Record Pangrammatic Windows, Mike Keith, 2002



Special kinds of words

Dictionary Eodermdromes, Ross Eckler, 1980
Pair and Trio Isograms, Jeff Grant, 1982
Undominated Alphabetic Sequences, Ross Eckler, 1982
The Mathematics of Words, Ross Eckler, 1983
Three Miraculous Solutions, Dmitri Borgmann, 1985
The Biggest Hoax, Chris Cole, 1989
Letter-Shift Words in the OSPD, Leonard Gordon, 1990
Oxymoronology, Richard Lederer, 1990
Naming the Schwarzkopf Baby, Ross Eckler, 1991
Subdermatoglyphic: A New Isogram, Edward R. Wolpow, 1991
The Ugliest Words in English, Ross Eckler, 1992
Alphabetical Patterns, Ross Eckler, 1993
Splendid Symbolism, Hugo B. Corstius, 1996
Queen's Move Graphing, Ross Eckler, 1996
Zzyzx, Ross Eckler, 1996
Ghost Words, Murray Pearce, 1986
AEIOU: A Thirty-Year Quest, Susan Thorpe, 1999
Knotted Word Worms, Mike Keith, 2001

Sets of words

A Modified Ten-Square, Jeff Grant, 2002
Word Groups, Ross Eckler, 1977
Alphabet Rings of Trigrams, Ross Eckler, 1977
Prosodic Resonance, F. Juniper, 1977
Pan-Crashing Word Sets, Ross Eckler, 1982
Renaming the Months, Ross Eckler, 1985
Websterian Synonym Chains, Ross Eckler, 1988
Two New Transdeletion Pyramids, Ross Eckler, 1988
A Maximal Spanning Tree, Ross Eckler, 1994
Goose Thighs Rehashed, Christopher McManus, 1994
More Nice N-Isograms, Eric Chaikin, 1998
Every Word-Pair In This Set Has One Crash, Ross Eckler, 2000
Labeling A List With Unique Identifiers, Ross Eckler, 2000

Word squares and other configurations

Single and Double Transposal Squares, Ross Eckler, 1980
The First Double and Triple Acrostics?, Ross Eckler, 1986
In Search of the Ten-Square, Jeff Grant, 1990
The Best 9x9 Square Yet, Eric Albert, 1991
Mathematics of Square Construction, Chris Long, 1993
Word Worms, Ross Eckler, 1993
Tiling The Dodecahedron, Leonard Gordon, 1998
A New Kind of Transposal Square, Ross Eckler, 1999
Knight's-Tour Letter Squares, Mike Keith, 1999

Words and numbers

Lucky Nines, Faith Eckler, 1979
Alphabetizing the Integers, Ross Eckler, 1981
Telephomnemonics, Ross Eckler, 1981
38 Self-Descriptive Number Names, Ross Eckler, 1990
Answering the Sallows Challenge, Ross Eckler and Leonard Gordon, 1990
A Remarkable Revelation, Ross Eckler and Darryl Francis, 1995
The Alphabet Race, Ross Eckler, 1999
Packing the Cardinals, Ross Eckler, 1999


The Evolution of a Palindrome, Dmitri Borgmann, 1970
Oh, Cello Full of Echoes!, Herbert Pfeiffer, 1992
New Word Palindromes, Will Shortz, 1997
Who First Found the Panama Palindrome?, James Puder, 1999


Crazy California, Ross Eckler, 1975
Celebrity One-Word Anagrams, Mike Keith, 2000


The Syndrome, Ross Eckler, 1990
The Pangrammatic Highway, Udo Pernisz, 1988
Revisiting the Pangrammatic Highway, Faith Eckler, 1990
In Quest of a Pangram, Lee Sallows, 1992
The Pangram Film Festival Revisited, Richard Sabey, 2000

Special modes of writing

Come Wade, Dear Maid, Cynthia Knight, 1984
Who Says A must say B?, Hugo Corstius, 1985
Are Acrostic Messages Real?, Ross Eckler, 1985
All End-Letters Different in a Poem, Willard Espy, 1986
Four Byte Word Text News, John Henrick, 1986
Ann Owed, Hugh Denham, 1992
The Panalphabetic Window, Howard Bergerson, 1980
A Type of Crypt, Faith Eckler, 1989
Sending Messages by Telephone, Ross Eckler, 1995
Supersentences, Richard Lederer, 1980
Hey, Dog - Run (No Sweat!), Doug Nufer, 1997
When There's A Will, Ross Eckler, 1996
The Postal Union, Ross Eckler, 1997
Anguish Languish, Ross Eckler, 1997
Lipograms and Other Constraints, Ross Eckler, 1997
Dual Cryptograms, M. Douglas McIlroy, 1997
Elemental, My Dear Watson, Ross Eckler, 1999
Mizmaze: the Labyrinth of Language, Dave Morice, 2000


The Francis Xavier O'Brien Problem, Ross Eckler, 1968
Early American Word Puzzles, Will Shortz, 1973-74
Nixon and the Bee, Ross Eckler, 1976
Gamenung Mid Wordum, Paul Remley, 1977
Shakespearean Crosswords, Brian Head, 1979
An Early French Book of Wordplay, Will Shortz, 1979
The Word Tree, Ross Eckler, 1984
Refractory Rhyme, Chris Cole, 1990
Scrabble in Nursery Rhyme, John Holgate, 1990
The World's Worst Dictionary, Christopher McManus, 1995
Word Trees in Running Text, Ross Eckler. 1999
Common Placenames, Dan Tilque, 2001

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